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spa on the Baltic Sea


Baabe is the gate to the "Mönchgut" (Monk Property), which the entry gate will remind you of. Originally, the place was a Slavish settlement named "Thor Baben", meaning "To the Old Woman". Or as the authoress Elizabeth von Arnim expresses in a more beautiful and romantic way, "The Lonely One".

The seaside resort Baabe, at the edge of the Baltic Sea, has 868 inhabitants and is located between Sellin and Goehren in the southeast of the island Rügen. It is a picturesque and natural peninsula named "Mönchgut". Rügen was identified by UNESCO as a biosphere reservation, with particularly precious landscapes are protection worthy.



"In the Grey"

The first written document which attests the existence of Baabe dates from the time of the evangelization of the island during the 13th century.  The "Mönchgut"  would become the property of the monastery Cistercian Eldena close to Greifswald for the next 300 years. Secluded from influence of the major part of the island, an independent culture of fishermen called "Büdnerei" developed.
Since the Thirty Year War, Rügen fell under the hegemony of the Swedish king, and then in 1815 under that of the Prussian king.


The First Tourists

Toward the end of the 19thCentury, more and more city dwellers found an increasing need for rest and relaxation at a summer-resort, and the popular bathing resorts were born.  Just as Binz and Sellin, with their beautifull old charm, built in a prestigious ambience and sumptuous bath architecture, still admired today, Baabe and Göhren became inviting beach resorts.  In 1896, Baabe greeted its first holiday seekers.  The “Strandstrasse” was built, which is a nice stroll from the city center straight to the beach…

Die Bäderarchitektur

Seebrücke in Sellin

And today ...

Das Monument im Ortszentrum

Since 1998, Baabe is officially a seaside resort recognized by the state. Is the impressing Monument in the center of the place testifying its upswing into the modern times


The beach

Baabe is located at the edge of one of the most beautiful and famous beaches. It has very fine sand, is several kilometers long and in some places 45 meters wide. Here, the sea goes down very gently, which even allows the smallest and youngest swimmers to feel safe and at ease. At this place of the littoral, there are no cliffs, on the contrary, the beach is flat which can accommodate handicapped people. Many conveniences are only a few steps from the beach. You can quickly get ice cream or a herring sandwich (a succulent specialty) or you can also quickly get something from the apartment "Dünenrose" which is right next to the beach…

Pure water...

In 2004, the main beach of Baabe received the "Blue Flag" for the extraordinary quality of its sea water.

Clear air...

Experience the southing climate with a beach stroll (here in the evening sun) and enjoy the abundance of sunny weather, higher in this southeastern part of the island than the national average.


Its geographical situation

Baabe is situated at a cross point which unites four completely different landscapes in a small area. The seaside resort, full of life, easily accessible through the B196 (single lane highway), is surrounded by very fine white sandy beaches, and near the littoral, of deep pine forests. Also present are fishermen villages, almost 750 years old, with ancestral traditions, their roofs covered with straw and then, right next to them, lying calm, almost from another element, the “Bodden” untouched nature in its purest state…
(Bodden: very abundant fish pond more or less open to the sea)

Meer und Strand

Kiefernwald in der Abendsonne

strohgedecktes altes Haus

einige Meter weiter landeinwärts

View of Baabe

On a trip with the Baabe train “Uns lütt Bahn” you can admire this all. It leaves even more impressions if you discover the island by foot or by bike, letting the ambiance overwhelm you.

"Bollwerk" the ancient quarter of Baabe

The ancestral cultural countryside of Mönchgut extended to the south-east of the island and could in many places preserve its characteristics. Here contours of land and water intertwine, where the flora and fauna compete from pure desire of living. There who seeks, will find authenticity and tranquility...

Bollwerk Fähre

Mit der Fähre nach Moritzdorf


In the summer as beautifully as in the winter

Strandstraße im Winter

Bollwerk mit Eisboot