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The "Dune Rose"

With this holiday apartment on the magnificent island of Rügen, a dream came true for us and we would like to share it with you.

It was named “Dünenrose - Dune Rose“ after the subtle white flowering „rosa pimpinelliflora“.

May this vacation home be just like the flower for the entire year, beautiful to the eye
and soothing to the mind.

The plant itself feels good on and behind the dunes...

just like we do ... and now hopefully you will too.


The Dune Rose:

It has several Botanical names:
„Rosa sinosissima“, „rosa pimpinellifolia“ or „Scottish Rose“, „rosa pimpernelliflora“ or „rosa pimpernellifolia“, „Pimpernellrose“ oder „Bibernellrose“, because of the similarity of their leafs with those of the „Pimpinella“, „Bibernell“ oder „Bibernelle“, an officinal plant.

This wild rose is beautiful nearly all year long. In the spring it blooms as well as in the late summer. Its fruits are making an enjoyable meal for the birds all winter long.